Turn to Green

The publication »Turn to Green« introduces Sustainability and Design for Designstudents. Information graphics visualise the history of Sustainability and depict practical hints to act more sustainable. A deeper view to the procedures of paper making and inking offers alternative methods apart from usual standards. 

Political Poster

Poster Designs for the subject »Political Poster« during my exchange semester at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. Topic: Plastic Pollution.  

24 values

Interactive application 24 Values. Values ​​of Statistics (Foreign population in Germany from 1991 to 2004) were visualized by simple graphical signs to investigate perceptual phenomena and color effect. One sign represents a 1000, the number of items is unchanged when re-clicking on a link they […]


Conception and Creation of the corporate design for the open-air short movie festival »mauerstreifen«, that takes place in Leipzig every second year. During a night walk through the city 10 movies get projected onto 10 different walls. Through experiments with projector light the corporate colours […]


Music visualization of a sound sequence from Kid A / Radiohead. Each tone is visually represented by another element. The elements change their behavior in time and space.

Assemble Star

Design and construction of a three-dimensional plug-star, based on the symmetry principles of the Platonic solids icosahedron and dodecahedron.

Religions of the World

A Synopsis informes about the geographical and historical origin of the largest religions and summarizes their main development stages until today.